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DDF Healthcare Consultants (DDFHC) is a pioneering name in the field of Hospital Planning & Management consultancy.

Project Conceptualisation

The art of conceiving a project with well planned budgeting and financing options coupled with necessary pre design discussions and debates make a project successful.

Infrastructure Planning

Design follows Function: This axiom is the hallmark of healthcare infrastructure planning. Spaces should be well crafted and drafted to make functions smooth.

Service Planning

Infrastructure requires extensive support and ancillary services which complement patient care.Proper engineering is also mandatory to make the planning successful.

Equipment Planning

State-of-the-art coupled with cost containment is the underpinning for implementing new technologies. Today, efficiency needs to be met with cost-effectivenessas well.

Organisational Development

This includes Senior Consultants, Administrators, Managers, Nursing and all important Para – Medical staffs. The service is offered at International and National level.

Hospital Operations

We assist the hospital management team to develop quality healthcare management standards and implement them to the success of the project.

DDF Healthcare Expert Team

DDFHC has a motivated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Healthcare Experts, Business Administrators and Project Managers.


A expert team of doctors with years of experience.

Doctors and Engineers

A team of doctors and engineer for specific healthcare project.

Healthcare Planners

Experienced healthcare planner from all core field.

Business Analysts

World class business analyst team for project analysis.

Service Engineers

Qualified team of architects and service engineers.

Biomedical Experts

Highly qualified biomedical experts panel with years of experience .


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