Project Conceptualisation

The art of conceiving a project with well planned budgeting and financing options coupled with necessary pre design discussions and debates make a project successful and feasible and practical.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Initial Programme Concept and Project Report Preparation
  • Pre Design Services
  • Cost Analysis and Budget Review
  • Project Funding Strategies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Programme Development Scheduling
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Healthcare Infrastructure Planning

Design follows Function: This axiom is the hallmark of healthcare infrastructure planning. Spaces should be well crafted and drafted to make functions smooth and qualitative. We with our team of experts make the hospital design functional and fun to work with.

  • Master Planning
  • Architectural Design.
  • Structural Design
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design
  • Fire detection, Fire protection and Security systems etc.
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Healthcare Interior Architecture
  • Approvals (Architectural, Medical, Environment)
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Healthcare Service Planning

Healthcare infrastructure requires extensive support and ancillary services which complement patient care. Such services should be well designed so that free flow of traffic and supplies reaches the patient care areas without any discomfort. Proper engineering is also mandatory to make the planning successful.

  • Medical Piped Gas Delivery Systems
  • Bio-medical waste management
  • Mortuary and postmortem services
  • Laundry Systems
  • Dietary Kitchen & Cafeteria
  • Pharmacy / Chemist
  • Central Sterile Supplies
  • Hospital Engineering Services
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Healthcare Equipment Planning

State-of-the-art coupled with cost containment is the underpinning for implementing new technologies. Today, efficiency needs to be met with cost-effectiveness and an overall improvement in the quality of patient care. we take this challenge head-on with our innovative medical and non medical equipment planning solutions, carefully paying attention to every detail and strategizing to meet the individual needs Of hospitals

  • Strategic technology planning
  • Budgeting with Need Assessment
  • Procurement systems & schedules
  • Planning of Pre-installation Services Delivery Co-ordination
  • Installation Supervision
  • Equipment Audit of Existing Inventory
  • Infrastructure Adequacy Check Integration with IT/PACS
  • Training of hospital staff on equipment management and maintenance
  • Processes for maximizing uptime
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Organisational Development

Healthcare Human Resource division offers recruitment, linguistic and cultural training along with placement services for healthcare professionals. This includes Senior Consultants, Administrators, Managers, Nursing and all important Para – Medical staffs. The service is offered at International and National level.

  • Develop partnerships / tie-ups between hospitals and business groups
  • Development of IT Solutions and Telemedicine
  • Quality management system, Development of standards
  • Conduct clinical and non-clinical training for all levels of hospital staff
  • Business Development strategies and solutions
  • Brand building/management of Hospitals
  • Human Resources Planning and deployment
  • Training and Induction
  • Accreditations(NABH/JCI/Others)
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Project Management

Successful completion of a project is the only mission of a client. We strive to make it successful with meticulous attention to all aspects of construction quality and time and cost so that the project completes in time with affordable cost. Integrating healthcare support services, systems and equipment commissioning along with the construction makes the hospital commissioning perfect and user friendly. Project management is key to timeliness and cost control of any project.

  • On site Project management including Construction Supervision
  • Co-ordination of construction and commissioning of hospitals
  • Quality control of construction and materials etc
  • Co-ordination between contractor, client and consultants
  • Assistance in start up of hospitals including Equipment, Manpower and Systems etc
  • Assistance in local authorities clearances and approvals
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Hospital Operations

Managing a hospital is the most difficult component in the success of the massive investment that the client makes to conceive a project. We assist the hospital management team to develop quality healthcare management standards and implement them to the success of the project. We assist the client in accreditation of their hospital under National (NABH) and/or International (JCI etc). Training of healthcare man force and their systematic induction in the organization makes the hospital functioning successful.

  • Management of hospital from startup date and handing over to the operations team of the hospital
  • Management of the hospital for a specified time frame or till break even
  • Accreditation (NABH/JCI) of the hospital during operations period
  • Maintenance of accreditation status
  • Management of sick hospitals
  • Training need assessment and training of staff on administration/operations issues
  • Training of clinicians on life support systems and other procedures
  • Business model preparation and management of business development activities to achieve targets
  • Performance appraisal of staff on an ongoing basis
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